The Prenda Mission:
Create Learners

Prenda’s vision is to transform education for millions of children, empowering them with the ability to learn on their terms and equipping them for success in life. We see a future where each student can choose the educational experience that fits best, and finds the community of peers and caring adults that will help them make it happen.

In our world of constant change, the ability to learn is what matters most. Our model helps students become lifelong learners, with both the desire and the capacity to learn whatever they want.

Prenda Core Values

  • Conquer. Learning is a quest and each student has the potential to learn anything. We’re not afraid to put the effort in.

  • Collaborate. Humans are social animals, and that means we need each other to reach our learning potential.

  • Create. Acing a test is nice, but building something awesome is much better. You don’t really understand something unless you can use it to create.


The core elements of the Prenda educational model emerged from our experience with code clubs, afterschool groups where kids ages 8-18 meet together and learn computer programming. The first code club was launched in the Mesa Public Library in 2013, and since then Prenda has helped thousands of kids learn to code in 35 states. More information is available at