Know someone who’s great with kids?

Invite people you know to become Prenda Guides - for every person who qualifies as a Guide, you’ll get a free year of educational kits from our list of choices*.

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How referrals work


Refer an adult

Send the link to a friend, family member, or caring adult you know.



Help the person see their potential as a Prenda Guide. Good guides change lives!


Earn a free year of kits

When the person you referred officially starts as a Prenda Guide (starts school with at least 5 kids), you’ll earn a free year of educational kits for your family (terms).


You can help recruit Guides by inviting friends, family, or other caring adults by sharing an invite to social media or through email. You’ll receive a free year of educational kits of your choice for every person who completes the application and qualifies to become a Prenda Guide (begins a microschool with at least 5 kids). We’ll contact you when you’ve earned a qualified kit (see Terms).


Prenda has given my son new excitement for learning. I am seeing amazing growth in him. The guides truly care and help to create an environment that invites learning and growth.
— M.B., mom