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Give your child a personalized, modern education. In your community.



Humans are naturally curious, Prenda schools rekindle and preserve kids’ passion for learning. Our adult guides are loving, supporting and are trained to mentor, empower, and motivate kids to reach their potential.



Smaller classes, appropriate use of technology, and passionate guides help your child set goals for herself and achieve them. It’s personalized education finally done in a way that maximizes your child’s learning.



True learning involves unlocking creativity, resourcefulness, critical thinking, and curiosity in kids. Prenda uses the perfect mix of collaboration, creativity, and technology that your child will love!

How it works

Prenda is a network of microschools in your community that focus on modern learning, personalized education, and social learning. Small classes, amazing learning experiences.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a better education for your child or a passionate adult wanting to start your own microschool, this is the place for you.


What does it cost?

The tuition per child is $5,000 per school year. Financing options are available.

Prenda is an incredible education for the price, yet your child gets access to a 21st century education, made possible by technology and passionate guides.

There’s nothing stopping you from finding a better school for your child.


Prenda has given my son new excitement for learning. I am seeing amazing growth in him. The guides truly care and help to create an environment that invites learning and growth.
— M.B., mom

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