Prenda Mission: Empower learners

Everything we do at Prenda is focused on our mission: to empower learners. Sounds cliche? We think it’s exactly what school should be doing. Learners make a choice to see themselves and the world around them in a different way. They know education is not something that happens to you as you sit through a course; it’s a posture and a way of engaging, and it lasts well beyond graduation. Learners know how to learn. They set goals, hold themselves accountable, persist in the face of obstacles, collaborate with others, find and develop their unique gifts, and make their dent in the universe.

Our core values

  • Start with heart. The #1 requirement to empower learners is to care. Caring about people and passion for learning are more important than transcripts, certificates and pedagogy.

  • Figure it out. We embrace the challenge of learning something new, regardless of our age or job title. We get out of the way and allow others to struggle, knowing that they will grow through the process.

  • Why not? Most people take no as an answer and assume the limitations around them are fixed. We “believe in magic” and work with the expectation that we can accomplish amazing things.

  • Foundation of trust. We give trust freely, building an environment where people feel safe. Trust is the only way to build and to learn together.

  • Learning > comfort. It’s tempting to avoid risk, stick with what we know, and tweak our work forever before we publish. We seek the real learning that comes when we step (or leap) out of our comfort zone.