The Role of the Adult

Stepping into a Prenda microschool, you might notice something missing: there is no teacher in front of the class. Instead, you will find the adult guide working one on one with the students, coaching, mentoring, and cultivating an environment where learners can thrive.

There are several things the educator does not do in the Prenda model:

  • Lesson plans. Instead of creating ways to deliver content and command the attention of the class, Prenda guides support the students as they work through content “playlists” in core subjects.

  • Lectures. Instead of a “sage on the stage,” the Prenda guide works individually with the students and in small groups, supporting their personalized learning path.

  • Know everything. In a traditional model, children raise their hands and the teacher tells them the answer. Instead, students in Prenda school will be responsible for finding the answers, with help from the adult as a “guide on the side.”

  • Grades. Our software tools give immediate feedback, which allows students to see exactly where they are in their mastery of the core subjects. Students also review each other’s work and build a portfolio of their projects that shows their learning.

  • Internal politics. Each guide works with a small class and answers only to the students and parents, which frees them from the typical organizational challenges that can demoralize a well-intentioned educator.

Instead of these functions, the adult in a Prenda microschool is a learning guide, focusing on human connection.



The old adage is true: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Prenda guides care deeply about their students.



Plutarch said “the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a flame to be kindled.” Prenda guides spark learning and model curiosity.



Prenda guides help students connect with peers, with resources, other adults, and anything else that will help them learn.



The path to real learning is not easy. When it is tempting to give up, the guide provides the encouragement, perspective and coaching to help students persevere.



Every student is different. The Prenda guide knows each kid and chooses from available resources to curate an engaging learning experience.



Sometimes the things that limit learning have nothing to do with academics. Guides listen and understand, building a foundation of trust and respect.