What does a guide do?

Adult guides help kids become learners through coaching and mentorship. Can you connect with young people and invite them to be the best version of themselves?

But I’m not a teacher!

Don’t worry. We don’t require any specific degrees or credentials. If you love kids and see yourself as a learner, we can help you with the rest.

What will the kids learn?

Our curriculum covers core academic subjects like math, English, science and social studies, as well life skills like communication and creativity.


Change Lives

There are many ways to help another person, but none are as rewarding as empowering a child as a lifelong learner. Participate in work that really matters.

Set Your Schedule

With a small group of kids, you have the freedom to do school on your timeline. Set your 20 hours a week when it’s convenient for your group.


Take it on the Road

Who says school has to be rows of desks in a classroom? You are free to meet around a dining room table one day and take the kids to the zoo the next.

Earn Money

Prenda Guides are paid for their work. Through our charter partners, you can earn up to $30/hour and even more if you run a private school.