How It Works

  • Standards-based learning in a personalized, modern, social environment

  • Children empowered to own their learning and see amazing results

  • We teach everything your child needs to learn in academics—and more importantly—in life

Read more about our learning model and approach.

A Typical Day in a Prenda School

  • 8am—Morning standup meeting - report on personal goals, prepare for day.

  • 8:15am—Conquer: Work on individual learning goals + prepare for group activity

  • 9:45am—Short break

  • 10:00am—Collaborate: Student-led whole group discussion or activity

  • 10:45am—Create Small group project work

  • 12:00pm Dismiss

Our learning model allows us to teach more while requiring less of student's (and your) time. See a sample schedule.

Upcoming Sessions
We have microschools starting their school year in August, 2019 in Arizona

Email us at if we’re not in your state yet.


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