“More interested than ever”

“My son Cruz looks forward to [Prenda] each week. He has stuck with it for over a year now and he’s more interested than ever.”

— M.R., Mom

“Never seen my son so excited”

“I’ve never seen my son get so excited about anything! It was like a duck in water.”

— K.R., Mom


"... a group of kids who will likely never be unqualified for a tech job"

— NBC, Channel 12 News


“Everything I needed”

“I started a few months ago. I didn’t know much but I found that there was nothing to be nervous about. Prenda provided everything I needed to get up and running.” 

— S.F., facilitator

“I didn't have to have the answers”

"I soon realized that I didn't have to have the answers, I just needed to be the cheerleader, and be the encourager, and a question asker."

— M.K., facilitator



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